The 20th century condensed into a single image

If I had to choose a single photograph representing the last century, I would certainly name the one that illustrates this small note. This is a night shot entitled Hotshot Eastbound from the American master of photography Ogle Winston Link, taken in the 1950s. The image shows a jet airplane, in flight, projected on the […]

Iron maidens?

For a few days I have been reading a thick book that, apparently, deals with esoteric-medieval matters. The book, an essay on certain medieval myths, reviews some of the topics of those “dark” centuries, as one who cooks an omelet with a recipe he knows too well. In short, I came across the subject of […]

On leeches and storms

For centuries, storms were one of the greatest nightmares for seafarers, leading to the invention of all kinds of devices and methods capable of predicting their appearance. But those methods were little less than mere superstitions, nothing practical, so a risky British doctor decided once and for all to create a “Tempest Prognosticator”. The invention […]

Évariste Galois: Death at dawn

Mathematics has been, and is, feared as well as admired by many people, only remembers the famous sentence of St. Augustine: The good Christian should beware of mathematicians and all those who practice sacrilegious prediction, particularly when they proclaim the truth. Because there is a danger that these people, allied with the devil, can blind […]

The Eleusinian Mysteries

In many parts of the Mediterranean basin there were annual religious festivals in which the consumption of some psychoactive substances was very important. None of these events were as impressive and lasting as the one held at Eleusis. For more than two thousand years, each September, an enigmatic festival was held near Athens. Greek mythology […]