Minimal Geography (poster map – digital download)

As a graphic designer and cartographer, it has always been my ambition to create a poster map that is different from the ones you usually see.

The result of this project is a map that combines an infographic conception of the planet with a touch of curiosity. The central map, in a Dymaxion projection, is the element around which a variety of data and thematic layers are displayed. Features: High quality PDFs for printing, 300 dpi, two sizes: 18×24 inches (45×60 cm) and 24×36 inches (60×92 cm).

Since 2011 I have been developing a digital vector map project called Maptorian. I have used my own layers of geographic information from this project as the basis for creating part of the poster, to create a new vision of the planet. The end result is a beautiful, eye-catching poster that, when properly framed or simply hung on a wall, has a very striking effect. People are used to looking at maps of the world in a very specific way, usually through maps in the Mercator projection, or Winkel Tripel or similar, with North at the top. But the world can be represented in many other ways, all of which are valid. To think differently, let’s start by representing the world in an unconventional way: that’s why I chose the Dymaxion projection.

With the poster already designed, I thought I’d let the world know about it. I had a couple of options: I could market it as a printed product, or I could make it available as a digital download. The advantage of a digital download, in very high quality PDF format, is that you can print it wherever you want, on whatever paper quality you want, in different sizes, and you can print as many copies as you want. Of course, sending the printed poster was the most common thing, but I eventually decided to only offer it as a digital download. The reason for this is quite simple: I know from past experience that shipping this type of product with quality and security can be a nightmare.

To avoid such problems, I have decided to distribute it only as a digital product. You will have the complete high quality files in PDF format for high quality printing in two sizes. You can even print as many copies as you like with your local printer, I do not put any restrictions on this aspect.

Features: High quality PDFs for printing, 300 dpi, two sizes: 18×24 inches (45×60 cm) and 24×36 inches (60×92 cm).