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Fleming, the painter of microbial pictures

The History of Medicine tells that, back in 1877, as an assistant to the great Robert Koch (known mainly for his work on tuberculosis, as well as for being the father of medical microbiology), an idea emerged in the mind of the German physician Julius Richard Petri. There must have been some way to facilitate […]

Photographing Hell

In times it was thought that Venus was a paradise, an aquatic world that hid its secrets behind an impenetrable shield of clouds. They were right, because the clouds darken the surface and until recent times the truth was not discovered, namely, that Venus is the closest thing to hell, or at least to that […]

Martians, 1934

Now we know that, if there were life on Mars, it would be exclusively microbial. The time of the “martian fever”, which was encouraged by H. G. Welles, and later by Orson Welles, has passed. Nor should we forget the delirious history of the martian canals. It should be remembered, however, that in the 1930s […]