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Dr. Atanasoff’s computer

The history of computer science has already made John Atanasoff the inventor of the first electronic digital computer*. Electronic computers differed from their mechanical predecessors in that they operated on the basis of electricity, valves and circuits, not on toothed wheels. It used to be considered that the first computer of this type was Colossus, […]

From golems to mechanical duck

Small notes about a history of automatons…. (Work in progress). It is often thought that the empire of machines is modern, but its predecessors come from far away in the fog of time. Kircher has already tried to develop a curious telephone, anticipated by Galileo, with which to communicate faraway places and allow musical transmission. […]

Curta, a mechanical wonder before the era of digital calculators

Imagine a small black cylinder, made of high quality materials, looking like a high-tech pepper mill, about 10 centimetres high by 5 centimetres in diameter. Now, dream that by moving several dials and turning a wheel with a crank, you can perform various calculations with extreme precision, the result of which will be presented to […]