About Me

Alejandro Polanco Masa (Palencia, Spain, 1975) @alpoma

I am a science writer, graphic designer and mapmaker. I’m the author of articles and books about science, technology and science fiction. If you want to send me a message, please use the contact section.

Maptorian Vector Maps
Tecnología Obsoleta (Spanish)
La Cartoteca (Spanish)
Naukas (Contrib.)

Books (English):
The Minimal Geography Atlas (Sold Out)
Archaeology in the River Duero Valley (Contributor)

Books (Spanish):
Made in Spain
Aviones bizarros
El viaje de Argos
Herejes de la Ciencia
Clemente Figuera
Germán Botella

Something else about me (my top list):
Colour: Blue.
Constellation: Cassiopeia.
Book: Mémoires d’ outre-tombe (Chateaubriand).
Writer: Umberto Eco.
Actress: Winona Ryder.
Monster: Alien (xenomorph).
Film: Blade Runner (1982).
Science Fiction Universes: Star Trek and Babylon 5. 😛
Documentary series: Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980).
Science fiction series: The Expanse.
Music video: I’m Afraid of Americans. (David Bowie, 1997).
Song: Fuzz (Computer Magic, 2015).
Atmosphere: La Mer des Possibilités (Le Matos, 2013).
Music band: Pet Shop Boys.
Vinyl LP: Perplexagon (Kebu, 2016).
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven.
Historical figure: Nikola Tesla.
Chemical element: Mercury.
Bird: Goldfinch.
Animal: Cat.