The first aerial photograph?

Possibly someone else tried it before, but at least the historical memory points to Nadar, pseudonym of Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, a French journalist and photographer, as the first person to take an aerial photograph. It turns out that Nadar was a good cartoonist, highly valued for his drawings of politicians and people of high society. A […]

The man who built the Moon

Roger Hayward was an American artist as well as an inventor, almost forgotten today. He died in 1979, having spent eight decades in this world, which filled with a multitude of activities. In addition to being an excellent painter and sculptor, he also worked on various architectural projects and, during the 1930s and 1940s, was […]

The strange case of the Porsche running in reverse

You look at it and at first it looks like a normal Porsche 924, a classic’ 70s and’ 80s car with nothing out of the ordinary. But, when you look at a little more, there are things that don’t add up and you start to think that there is something wrong with this vehicle…. Why […]

Fleming, the painter of microbial pictures

The History of Medicine tells that, back in 1877, as an assistant to the great Robert Koch (known mainly for his work on tuberculosis, as well as for being the father of medical microbiology), an idea emerged in the mind of the German physician Julius Richard Petri. There must have been some way to facilitate […]

Équihen-Plage, the little village of house-boats (France)

Today, Sunday, I got up with the intention of taking up again the notes on geography. Yesterday I found in a copy of La Ilustración Artística corresponding to October 12,1908 a mention of a picturesque place: There are on the coasts of the English Channel and half a dozen kilometres away from Boulogne-sur-Mer, a small […]